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Relax in our temperature controlled, state-of-the-art salt therapy room while you breath in pure salt crystals, providing natural relief from allergies, sinuses, respiratory issues and many other ailments. Salt therapy at Tavoos can help you feel good whether you come in on your own, or your doctor’s advice complimenting any prescribed treatment regimen. It’s clean, relaxing, safe and you will feel amazing!

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Himalayan Salt Therapy , Skin Care & Makeup

Do not be misled by the beautiful design of this room. The walls are covered in high quality, organic Himalayan Salt while a generator disburses particles of salt composed of negative ions in order to enhance your salt therapy experience.


  • Created from natural Himalayan Salt
  • Pure, beautiful Himalayan crystal salt
  • Himalayan salt provides health benefits
  • Controlled environment for treatment purposes
  • 100% safe for your skin
  • Quality product from Tavoos Halo Spa

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Check out Tavoos on WCIU Chicago with  Aly Bockler from You and Me this Morning.  Learn how our Himalayan Salt Room can benefit you.

Tavoos Skin Care & Halotherapy (Salt Room) on WCIU Chicago