How to Cook & Grill on a Himalayan Salt Block

Summer is coming and everyone loves to grill.  Ever try to grill on a Himalayan Salt block? If not, then you must try this out this year.  It’s a great way to grill and enjoy the most delicious tasting food.

Himalayan Salt has 82 trace minerals and is Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial.  You can grill on it, use it as a cutting board, serve food on it and more.  Season your food accordingly, but you don’t need to add salt.  The Himalayan salt board will flavor your food and it tastes incredible!

If you’re using your board as a cutting board then remember one thing.  It doesn’t matter if you are cutting up fish then vegetables, then meat.  No matter what you are cutting all you have to do is wipe the block down with a damp cloth and move to your next item.  Unlike your regular cutting boards, Himalayan salt is          anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  It doesn’t allow for the transfer of any germs or any items in food.  So mixing raw meat or fish with fruit or vegetables will not get you sick because it doesn’t allow it to happen.

I ate shrimps, steak, fish, and vegetables after we grilled on the board.  It was the most amazing meal I had ever had.  The food tasted so light and flavorful.  I highly recommend this method of cooking to everyone.  You will not be disappointed.  Cook, grill, put it on the stove top or in the oven.  You can even freeze it and serve chilled food on it.

If you haven’t gotten your cutting/cooking board yet then call us at Tavoos or stop by . We can get you what you want and they are available In many different sizes!

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