Facial Cleansing Routine, What and How

Cleansers verses soaps

I believe it is harmful to clean your face with a bar soap even the one called “moisturizing”, it will still be drying and it effects  your skin’s ph.  Today’s cleansers can dissolve makeup   without irritation.  You have many choices of cleansers, such as, creams, milks, foams, and liquids.  These can dissolve makeup without irritating your eyes.


Water Temperature

You should use medium warm water to begin with when washing your face, and finishing with medium cool water.


When and How Long

Most ladies do not take enough time to clean their faces.  First remove all eye makeup before cleaning your face. You do not want to spread your mascara and eye shadows all over your face. Then clean your face with the appropriate cleanser for your skin type for two minutes, prior going to bed. In the mornings a quick wash is sufficient.

Gentlemen clean your face with appropriate cleanser for your skin type for one minute, prior to bed, and a quick wash in the mornings.


Tools Or No Tools

If you wear a lot of makeup, layer on sunscreen, live in a highly polluted city or sweat often, using just your fingers might not be enough to get a good cleansing.  Gentle scrubs or oscillating cleansing brushes with soft nylon bristles with sonic vibrations are an option.  Use your choice of exfoliating method a couple of times a week or more, but make sure you do not use too much pressure.


Toners or No Toners

Toners should be considered an important part of cleansing. You should choose an appropriate toner for your skin type. The action of toner is removal of remaining make up, oils, dirt and debris. A toner will help to calm, hydrate the skin and allows your products to penetrate better, therefore helps to reduce the amount of products you use.

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