Tavoos Testimonials

I have had a very difficult year with skin problems – eczema& psoriasis all over my body. This year I also overhauled my entire diet and gradually made changes including gluten, sugar & dairy-free. It seems like all the toxins had nowhere to go and began coming out the skin. I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and my energy gradually improved with diet changes. However until I came to Tavoos 2 weeks ago, my skin had not cleared. After only 6 sessions there has been a dramatic improvement. And the facial I received was wonderful. The is HOPE! And the ladies here make it all so accommodating and a truly relaxing place to be. I am looking forward to feeling better and better! Thanks Marji – Marina & Staff
I have been in the Salt room a few times and really enjoyed it. Then ended up having to have a chest CT Scan which showed some problems. Some nodules and small collapsed areas of my lungs. I got a package for the Salt Room and started going at least once a month. My recent scan showed that there are no more collapsed areas and some of the nodules have resolved. I am getting another package today and I am convinced that the improvement was because of the salt room. – Barbara
Dear Marji, I have been visiting Tavoos since last summer after hearing wonderful things about the spa from my chiropractor. As a type 1 Diabetic on an insulin pump, I was hesitant to try the Halo room because I wasn’t sure of the affect on me due to the diabetes. My sessions in the Halo room leaves me much more relaxed than when I began the session. In my case, my glucose levels decrease after my sessions and my stress level is eased. I have found the Halo room so helpful that I received an annual pass for my birthday. What a gift! Thank you Marji for bringing this wonderful gift to Glen Ellyn. – Sherri
Halo Therapy was amazing! It helped me relax and let go of everything. I had a sinus infection and cough and it helped cure the congestion for me. Before I was tired and it helped perk me up! Thanks for the new experience
This is my 4th visit to the salt room. I didn’t write about it before because I wanted to see if my good results were a fluke, temporary, etc. I found my good results lasted. I had a very painful shoulder and was to start physical therapy soon (bursitis) After the first visit, it went away completely. I don’t even have a twinge. I wondered if it would come back but it didn’t. My sinuses are better (very few headaches now) and I sleep better/deeper. After the first visit id did have a few problems. I was achy, got a slight headache, sad & tired. I now think it was the toxins that were leaving my body. Only lasted a few days and it wasn’t unbearable. I grew up exposed to a lot of mold and diesel fumes, as we as much mercury. I feel the Halotherapy is releasing those toxins from my cells. I do feel that might be a permanent benefit. Love the Halotherapy and the staff is so wonderful. They are caring and so helpful.
I had a patch of eczema on the back of my neck; about the size of the palm of my hand. After one 45 min session the condition was noticeably improved; after several hours passed the itching and redness was completely gone. I am continuing treatment in the salt therapy room to relieve possible allergies. Highly recommend!! – Pat N.
Today was my 2nd visit to the salt cave. I am going through chemo and I have numbness in the fingers and toes after 2nd visit the numbness is so much better. I can’t wait until my next visit.
I was in a car accident a year and a half ago and felt relieve from pain in head, neck, shoulders and back. I felt totally relaxed and my lungs felt more open and clear. It is definitely an experience I would like to repeat. – Linda C.
The whole experience was so serene and relaxing. Everyone at Tavoos is so welcoming. The halotherapy was a very restorative treatment. We will be back. Thank you. – John and Lisa
I had allergy symptoms, post nasal drip and recurrent sinus infections. I have had a draining in the back of my throat and into my chest for a month. After steroids and 2 antibiotics nothing changed. In the salt room at Tavoos I felt an opening up of my sinuses down into my right inner ear (that is blocked by a 14mm cyst by the way) and it opened up- I felt a pop and my sinuses drained as I coughed for a little while. In my bronchial tube – mid chest I felt a tingling warmth. All this lasted 15 minutes and then it stopped. I was suddenly dry, no mucous and I fell asleep peacefully. I’m leaving here with no cough, no sinus pressure, and no phlegm! Hooray! – Romy
I have been going through chemo. After second consolidation treatment my blood counts were very slowly improving. After my doctor release me for halo treatments my counts improved rapidly. After one treatment they rose 17 points compared to the 4 points they had been rising between blood draws. I had my second treatment today and I feel great!
After two straight months of stress and craziness both at home and at work, my immune system finally cracked. I felt the tell-tale sign of a bad cold coming on with that weird, starting to get painful swallow on Monday afternoon. Went to bed early that night, but it was still there the next morning. I got an appointment for the Halo room on Tuesday after work. I felt so run down and the pressure of congestion just starting to build. Kid you not, the pain in my throat disappeared in only 5 -10 minutes of the start of the session! I went home and got some good sleep that night. Although I took it easy for the next two days and I was still super tired, the congestion peaked at only 10% of what it would normally have been! 10%!!! I still can’t believe it! I will be back more often, not just when I’m feeling run down, but also as a preventative measure. It’s so relaxing and feels so great. I can’t thank Tavoos enough. – Ingrid