What is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy, also known as salt therapy, is a man-made salt room that uses a generator re-creating the same environment as natural salt caves.

The History of Halotherapy

Halo means salt in Latin. Salt therapy has been used throughout history for respiratory and skin conditions. There are records that show improvement to miners in Roman and Medieval times. For centuries, monks used naturally-occurring salt caverns to treat respiratory ailments; they also ground the salt for people to inhale.

In 1843, Feliks Boczkowski, who was a physician at the Polish salt mine Wieliczka, wrote that miners at Wieliczka did not suffer from lung diseases. This information lead to the opening of the first salt spas.

Boczkowski’s findings were confirmed in World War II when salt caves were used as bomb shelters. People stayed in salt caves for extended periods of time and, when they exited the caves, people with asthma found that they could breathe more easily.

The first Halotherapy rooms opened in the 1960’s in Eastern Europe, in the form of health sanatoriums and respiratory hospitals. Over the years as the therapy has grown more popular salt rooms are now available in spa settings. Halotherapy rooms can be found around the world from Germany to Poland to England to Canada and now here in the US as well. In this controlled environment, one can relax and receive the restorative benefit of Halotherapy.

How it Works

A 45 minute session breathing ionized air that is introduced into the room by a special halo generator. It is recommended that you wear lightweight clothing during your session in order for maximum results.